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Halong Bay - Wonder of the World, a true beauty and an absolute must-do for every Asia traveler! Read about my trip to this unique place, culinary try-outs and an intense cultural experience!

Geopark Exploration - Ha Giang

  • Geopark Exploration - Ha Giang
Traveller around the world knows well place in Vietnam call Sapa ! Since the last few years Sapa have a new highway to attract a lot of tourists to make it mass, which other destination can visit instead, think about Ha Giang, the Geopark at...

North West Vietnam

  • North West Vietnam
North west Vietnam always inspire travelling by beautiful of mountainous and colorful of hill tribes people with their weekly markets

The magical experience in Halong Bay

  • The magical experience in Halong Bay
Halong bay, a mysterious area that makes you wonder if dragons are really just a fairy tale. Tale sounds similar to tail, speaking of tails, the myth goes that many years ago, a dragon landed in this region on a huge limestone rock, while...