Local food in Can Tho

1. Magenta Plant Sticky Rice Cake
The best cake is made by Huynh family in Binh Thuy District. They have made the unique cake by using the steamed magenta plant, using the rice cooking water, to wrap the interior, which is the sticky rice cake made out of coconut milk meat, salt duck eggs.
Magenta Plant Sticky Rice Cake
2. Cai Rang Grilled Rolls
The best grilled rolls are made from the fresh, without fat, pork. The meat is smashed, then balled, then grilled on charcoal. The meatballs, string by the bamboo sticks, stick together to make a roll that is greasy and delicious.
Cai Rang Grilled Rolls
3. Baked Sticky Rice Banana Bun
The banana buns are small. Not so long, not so fat, the buns have the brown of the under-burnt cooked rice from the outside, the white of the perfectly cooked rice in the inside and the yellow of the perfect ripe banana.
Baked Sticky Rice Banana Bun