Practical information

Due to the living conditions, the environment in developing countries, and personal awareness, this practical information auto-apply to all groups.

Before travel date: Make sure you bring the correct passport which applies for a visa and other services for your holiday. The passport is a valid minimum of 6 months before your departure date

Arrival airport

  • In the case of clients who refuse to board an international flight or at our immigration office, we will do our best to support them but will not be responsible for this case
  • Late arrival at any airport 02 hours after the flight landing time without any updated information from clients or agents you may find a taxi to the hotel at your own cost instead. You are required to contact us upon arriving at your hotel to prepare for other related services.
  • Arrival between 22:00 - 07:00 subject to a surcharge

Hotel check-in/check-out time

  • Check-in time: 14:00
  • Check-out time: 11:00

Traffic and noise:
Traffic may be crowded in many places, and noise may affect hotel rooms facing the street, trains, and vehicles at the standard conditions of a designated country.

Food & beverage:
Most of the meals you book with us will be arranged at a local restaurant, except for special requests before your trip. After COVID-19, the Indian market is increasing in Vietnam and many groups request Indian food which most of the cities are available. The last-minute requirement to change meal or food upon available

Anyone who requests to get a visa letter to Vietnam is required to meet the following condition

  1. Passport scan, valid at least 6 months from arrival date
  2. Round-trip flight tickets
  3. Full package tour confirmation
  4. Travel Insurance