Thanh Loan 2 0

Thanh Loan 2 Thanh Loan 2

Số 131 - Tổ 23 - Phường Hợp Giang – Thành phố Cao Bằng
The Thanh Loan 2 hotel qualified 2 star. It has elevator, quiet room, garden, spacious parking suitable for guests need quiet, rest and work. More

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  • With a system of over 50 rooms, diversified, suitable for various needs of customers. The system of comfortable rooms, modern, cozy space, gives guests the perfect resting space. Each room is fully equipped with: cable TV, wifi, telephone, 2-way air-conditioner, 2-way hot shower, luxury.

    Hotel Facilities

    • Garden
    • Coffee shop
    • WiFi internet in public area
    • Restaurant(s)

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