Ban Qioc Waterfalls

The Ban Gioc waterfall complex is huge, and offers much exploration and the most beautiful pictures should one venture off the beaten path on their own risk, and well worth the effort in the end.

Surrounded by mountains, the Ban Giouc waterfall is still the center of attention in this area, stretching over 300 meter wide, this impressive waterfall drops down on several terraces, where brave fishermen cast their lines into the cascade. Around the base of the falls are a lot of perfect spots to take a seat and witness the spectacle at what could be one of the most romantic places nature provides in Vietnam. If your are lucky and do not end up here in the weekend or on public holidays, you may have the whole area to yourself. There are opportunities to take a boat ride and go closer towards the fall, you will definitely end up a little wet, but that is to be expected at such a gigantic waterfall complex. If you are really adventurous and can afford to take a risk, you are able to venture on a treacherous path leading through the jungle which ends up in an area where you can take a fabulous view, however we do not recommend to do so if you do not have the proper equipment or if it has been raining.

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