Local food in Ha Giang

1. Tam Giac Mach Cake - The cake is made from Tam Giac Mach grains dried and ground into flour. The cake is shaped in rounds and grilled on the light fire.

Tam Giac Mach Cake
2. Steamed Egg Rolls
3. Au Tau Rice Gruel - Au Tau is the combination of the delicate sticky rice, buttery taste of caltrops stewed with broth and fragrance of fennel with a hint of port based broth.
Au Tau Rice Gruel
4. Bac Me bamboo sticky rice
Bac Me is another kind of sticky rice in Ha Giang. Bamboo sticky rice has a simple recipe with the ingredients of well soaked sticky rice, ground water, bamboo sections and banana leaves. They mix sticky rice with salt then put this mixture into bamboo section together with water. They cover the mouth of bamboo by dried banana leaves then grill these bamboo packs directly on charcoal for one hour.
Bac Me Bamboo sticky rice
5. Thang Den
Thang Den looks like the dish of floating cake in Hanoi or Cong cake in Lang Son. It is made of sticky rice flour with the filling peas. Flour will be kneaded into sphere shapes and boiled in a hot pot of water. When you see it float on the water surface that means it is well cooked and it's time to take them out of pot. The dish is coated with a sprinkling of sugar with an extra sweet kick of coconut milk.Toppings combime with sesame and peanuts.

Thang Den