AEF 2016 - Pakse, Laos

Asean Ecotourism Forum will be open from 20 - 23 June, 2016 in Pakse, Laos for declaration on Asian Road map for strategic development of ecotourism. A Tourism Ministerial Round Table will convene to discuss and endorse the Pakse Declaration of which will

Asean tourism forum in Pakse, Laos 2016
The Declaration will call for an ASEAN coordinated road map for both public and private sectors to pool resources and unlock economic opportunities along designated tourism corridors, primarily to stimulate the flow of tourists across borders whether by land, river, air or sea. Trans-ASEAN travel will help to generate economies of scope and scale, especially in the rural areas and strengthening the sustainability of ASEAN's ecotourism industry. This is an opportune time for international tourism investors, developers and operators to tap on the exciting tourism opportunities ahead in the region.Such ambitious undertaking will require the concerted efforts of all ASEAN Member States as well as the support and expertise of provincial authorities, consultants, ground operators and funding institutions. Under the aegis of the ASEAN Charter and in the spirit of ASEAN, tourism ministry officials, investors, researchers, practitioners and experts are encouraged to actively participate and contribute in this Forum and be part of the legacy and the transformation of this mega-biodiverse region to the most dynamic and prosperous ecotourism region in the world.

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