Kampot Overview

Kampot is the capital of the Kampot Province in the south of Cambodia located on the riverside that mouths into the Gulf of Thailand just a few kilometers away. The city has a lot of remnant French colonial buildings that are still in use that make for a leisurely walk thought the sleepy streets, you can also choose to watch the sunset while looking over the river as you gaze into the distance.

Famous for its salt fields and black pepper, which are sold throughout the whole country, Kampot is actually more known among the many visitors for Bokor National Park, which lies on the mountain that is fairly close, here, buildings that were abandoned still stand strong, which provide an eerie atmosphere especially when the weather is foggy. Other than the national park, various temples from the ancient Khmer Empire are a few minutes away from the town.

The city is a riverside town just a few moment away from the Gulf of Thailand. The city is famous for its black pepper and salt fields, which are widely available throughout Cambodia. The climate and soil is perfect for growing pepper, and with many generations of experience in this type of agriculture, the pepper is unique and much sought after by chefs around the world.