Travel to Ban Gioc Waterfall

I just made a trip to explore Ban Gioc waterfalls in Trung Khanh, Cao bang, Vietnam. The best time to travel to this place should be Sep & Oct where there is not only a good view of water falls after the rainy season but also stunning rice paddy fields

village in Cao Bang
A village along the way to Cao bang where houses built by stack mud and jing & yang roofs

homestay in Cao bang
We share a home stay with local people in Pac Ren village, Phuc Sen, Quang Yen

way to ban gioc water falls
Photo on the way to Ban Gioc water falls

ban gioc waterfalls
The Ban Gioc water falls

Nguom ngao cave, Cao bang
Nguom Ngao cave in Cao bang

ways to trung khanh, cao bang
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