Vietnam Travel Tips

In comparison with hustle cities such as Ho Chi Minh city or Hanoi, Dalat is relatively peaceful. However, we feel responsible to warn you in advance about some trouble may have in your trip just in case:

Airport arrival scam: This is not a serious matter in Dalat because there are reliable taxi brands here. But if you want to make sure of 100% security for you, feel free to book private transfer in advance from local travel agent or hotel. If you book tour directly with hotels, they will give option of adding airport transfer for sure with a little higher cost compared to taxi or bus.

Robberies and thieves are not very common here but it is still better if you can keep an eye on your belongings. The best deterrent is to not to let anyone get near your bag or pockets, especially in places such as crowded markets and visitor attractions. If possible, you can leave important legal documentaries such as your passports at the hotel in the safety box; hotel key can be ideally kept at receptionist area

The most dangerous situation might happen is at adventurous tour, especially some specific active tour like canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing….When you book those tours, make sure that the company has appropriate safety facilities to protect you from dangers. Ask carefully about insurance, planned routes, the level of difficulty and other relevant factors. Besides, there are some fatal accidents happened recently to tourists who did not follow the instruction of the tour guide.

Some useful notes for adventurous travelers in Dalat:

- Before planning any kind of adventure trip, do consider all the health risks you may face. Do always carry first aid box and other allergy medications along with you.

- While trekking, do carry trekking shoes and trekking rope of about 50 meters of length for safe climbing.

- While kayaking, wear comfort fit life jacket, even a loose jacket will not provide any safety in case of emergency.

- While Mountain Climbing, always check safety knots before starting. Also check that the ropes are properly tied through both the harness leg loops and waist loop.

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