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Hanoi is the capital city of the country located in the north of Vietnam. The mixture of old Asia, colonial French and new Asia's architecture gives the city its unique charm that will stay in your memory for a long time. While the whole city is packed with motorbikes passing the streets during morning till nighttime, crossing the street will always be an exciting challenge. The bustling streets of the Hanoi Old Quarter are filled with street bars, restaurants, shops and people, all combined under the French colonial style buildings.

Hanoi has much to offer for any type of tourists, from important historical sites that left their marks in the history of Vietnam, to enjoyable streets filled with shops and places of interest. Many museums, temples, parks and remnants of wars are present for more information about the happenings in the past that made Vietnam what it is today.

While other big cities in Vietnam are bulldozing through their city to catch up with the modern era, Hanoi is an historical museum that, bit by bit, evolves into a cultural capital city that has its own fascinating atmosphere. Even though the city is so large, the people stay kind and welcoming to everyone, no matter what language you speak, they will always try to strike up a conversation without caring whether they are understood or not.

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Hanoi has just celebrated its birthday of 1000 years old in the year 2010. As one of the most culturally diverse and rapidly developing cities in all of Southeast Asia, More

Quick guide to learn some Vietnamese

Learn some of the basics of Vietnamese reading, writing and speaking with this quick guide.

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Fall is absolutely the most romantic and comfortable time for travelers to visit Hanoi. However it is not easy to catch this season because it is quite “fast and furious” ..More

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Expe rience p ick up sightseeing in Hanoi History Museum Ethnology Museum (close on Monday and Friday) Hoa Lo Museum Women museum Fine Art museum Army museum Thang Long Citadel Ho Chi...

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Hanoi is one of Asia top 10 greatest street food cities and the most significant characteristics culture. Each food carries special taste. Hanoi people have the habit of enjoying foods according ..More

Traditional foods in Vietnam

Vietnamese cuisine is not solely derived from its own country culture, but instead has influences from its neighboring countries Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and also from Japan and France.


With an estimated 95 million inhabitants, the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is the eastern most country on the Indochina Peninsula in South East Asia. Vietnam borders China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest and to the east of the country is the East Sea. Vietnam’s capital city is Hanoi known for being the city with many motorbikes. Vietnam is well-known for its rich culture, interesting history, friendly people, scrumptious food, beautiful sandy beaches and its stunning nature of which many place have been recognized by UNESCO as world heritage sites.

Vietnam is a long country which makes the weather different for every region. While there might be sunshine in the north, the south can be entirely different due to the fact that the country has three different climates, with subtropical in the north, monsoon in the center, and tropical savanna climate in the south. In the north of Vietnam, the country is famous for its vibrant cities and blessed by nature with lush forests, towering mountains, beautiful lakes, waterfalls, and impressive terraced fields. In the center, the country is gifted with stunning sun-drenched beaches. While in the south you will experience bustling floating markets on its famous rivers and streams and impressive fruit gardens. Furthermore, Vietnam is one of the safest destinations for those who want to conduct business, live, or enjoy their holiday trips. In a short time span, Vietnam has gained lots of great improvements in the economy, education, transportation, science, and technology. Tourists are able to travel around the country with ease due to large investments in infrastructure by the government. Vietnam has 54 different ethnic groups that are known for their friendliness, hospitality, and tolerance, their food is fresh and full of flavor. Due to the use of fresh herbs and little oil, Vietnamese cuisine is one of the healthiest and tastiest foods to eat.

Every condition that has been mentioned above has made Vietnam a popular destination for tourists and there is much more to this country than meets the eye. There is so much to do in Vietnam and to name a few activities such as hiking, kayaking, cycling, motor-biking, cruising, and relaxing at sandy beaches make for a nice holiday. But there is also much to learn about history, culture, art, tradition and so more…The best time to travel to Vietnam is from October to March however, within this time span the center of Vietnam including Hue and Hoi An might have heavy rainfall during the October and November months. If you travel in September it can be quite hot with occasional rainfall but during this period the view of Ha Long Bay is clear and wonderful, and the mountainous areas with their rice terraces are exceptionally beautiful in this period. Furthermore, you can save up to 10% if you travel around September on your tour!

North West Vietnam

North West Vietnam

03 April, 2018

North west Vietnam always inspire travelling by beautiful of mountainous and colorful of hill tribes people with their weekly markets
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King Kong goes Vietnam

01 March, 2016

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